Screen tearing on Linux on Thinkpad X201 with Ultrabase Dock on external LCD display

I have had the problem, that „waves“ were moving from the bottom of the monitor to the top.
It was not important which linux distribution I used. It was the same on every distribution. But most worst it was on XFCE environments. I tried to fix it with driver options and other compositors like compton, but nothing really helps.
For another reason I unplugged one time all USB devices from the dock. And the screen tearing was gone. I was surprised.
I found that the tearing comes from the power management. It tries to turn USB devices of and turn them directly on again. That results the tearing on the screen.
There is an advanced power management system called tlp that is available for every distribution.
Install tlp and set USB_AUTOSUSPEND = 0 in /etc/default/tlp . After that restart the computer or restart the service tlp and the „waves“ are history.
I tested this with Ubuntu MATE, Xubuntu, Ubuntu Gnome, Opensuse XFCE / Gnome, Debian XFCE / MATE / Gnome, Fedora Gnome 24/25, Manjaro XFCE and Linux Mint 18 MATE / Cinnamon.
Perhaps this will work with other machines with an intel i915 graphic chip.