How to create a menu entry to start a windows program with wine on linux

When I installed windows programs in wine the programs work fine, but the generated menu entry doesn’t work.

The easiest way is to create an start script.

Open a terminal, create an empty file in your home folder and make ist executable.
program is the name of your windows program.

chmod +x

Open with your favorite editor
First change to the folder of the windows program.

Note: This is the linux path. Not this „c:\\windows“-thing.
The double quotes are important.

Some windows programs try to read files in their own folder. On windows the folder including a program is in the path of the program by default. On linux it is not. So the program would fail with a „file not found“ error.
Than start the program with the wine command.

Insert the following line in the start script and change the path and the program name to your needs:

cd „path/to/the/program/folder/wich/includes/the/exe-file“
wine Program.exe

Save the file.

Now you can add this script to your menu using the menu editor of your distribution (i.e menu-libre, lxmenu, alacarte …).

(Tested on Linux Mint mate 17.1 Rebecca)