How to run flash on a realy old box with Linux Mint 17 Qiana Xfce

Linux Mint Xfce is a great OS for old computers, if you want to run a up to date system. First I ran Lubuntu. but Linux Mint Xfce uses only a little bit more resources and I like the Xfce desktop much more than the LXDE.
After one hour of installation it takes time to update the system, but it’s worth to wait and all things worked out of the box.


All things, except of flash in Firefox.
But this is not realy a Mint problem, it’s a flash problem.
Linux Mint comes with a new version of the flash player. That’s great, if you have new hardware, but old processors can’t handle this player.
The player use the SSE2 feature of the cpu and old cpus don’t got it.
Open a console window to check your processor with the command:

grep sse2 /proc/cpuinfo

The good news is, you can use an old version of flash. I tested it with youtube and it works fine.
I use the version Flash Player 10.3 r183.
You have to download the whole developer zip archive (around 60 MB) from the adobe site:

After downloading extract the file from the archive and copy it to



If you use thunar, click the right mouse button on the folder plugins and choose „Open Folder as root“. If you want to copy in a console use the sudo cp command.
Now open the synaptic packet manager and remove the pre-installed flash player.
The new (old) player won’t work, if the old (new) player is installed.



You can open firefox to check the installation. Go to addons page.


You can also try the SmartVideo for youtube addon  when  your computer is too  slow for clips with high resolution. This addon can set the default resolution of videos to 240px, wich works fine on my old box.